The essential role of the terroir

mise en avant du terroir GD Industries

Ground, climate... Making wine it's also knowing his terroir and making the best of it. Let us look at a notion highlighted in the wine industry.

Each terroir is unique

We can emulate your wine making process or plant the same grape varieties, but we can't never emulate your ground, your climate. It's a concept mentionned in the "Controlled Designation of Origin" with a compulsory provenance of the defined region.


Terroir is inimitable, and that's why wine estates promote it. At a time when start-ups wish to create wine in lab without any grape, it's important to make understand the essential role of the ground, the climate... A wine lover will want to understand why this cuvée has this taste and why it's different from another one. The human labour is essential too, and the terroir is the basis which explains your way of working.

A wine estate's DNA component

Wine estates know the importance of storytelling in their communication strategy. Telling a story instead of simply explaining the benefits of your product, it's bringing to the wine lover a whole universe by an emotional connection. It's making yourself unique in his opinion.


Terroir is part of wine estate's DNA, it participates in what you are. The story of a wine is marked by the ground and climatic conditions: something which surpasses us, we can't control that. Telling his story is also bringing into the light the way humans learned to make the best of their ground. 

Wine growing and oenology

At a time when consumers are increasingly sensitives to the question of pesticides, presenting your terroir and explain why and how you treat ground and grapes means something. Many wine producers make sustainable agriculture now, to not alter what Mother Nature gives to us.

Loïc Dupont, cellar master for Taittinger, explains we can't make good wine if we don't have good grapes. Viticulture is as important as oenology and grape growing is made according to the terroir.


That's amongst others to preserve the benefits of the terroir we conceived our stainless steel barrel.